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From the soil to
the market

Sustainable palm oil production -
Our contribution to a healthier planet.


There are many reasons why you should buy Daabon palm products if you want to make a difference in sustainability. Daabon's versatile palm products are a good choice for you if you are responsible about the quality of your products, human rights and the environment.

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Our products

From our oil palms we extract two different vegetable oils, palm oil and palm kernel oil. The reddish-yellow palm oil comes from the pulp of the palm fruit, while the water-clear palm kernel oil is pressed from the kernels of the fruit. Both oils have different properties and offer a wide range of uses.

For generations, we have involved small farmers and other people in our immediate environment in the development of DAABON


Application areas of our products

Palm oil and palm kernel oil are widely used in the food sector. In this context, palm oil and its fractions are mainly used as edible fat for cooking, frying and deep-frying due to their excellent heat and oxidation stability. We manufacture a wide range of products with ideal application properties.

Organic food

Plant-based food




Special human nutrition


Animal feed

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We live quality

The demands on the food industry are higher than ever.
Daabon relies on modern techniques to stay ahead of the times. High quality products are what set us apart.

Signet Top Ranked

#1 in the global ranking of sustainable palm oil producers

The Daabon Group is once again at the top of the currently published mockery list for producers of sustainable palm oil.